Yahoo Mail is a web-based mail service that first comes into 1997 by an American agency. Yahoo email landed up with four techniques in which three of the basic personal use and last one is used for a business purpose which is a paid email support service.


Once a time Yahoo became the most popular website ranked in the US, but a certain after 2000’s Yahoo was decline and later in 2017 Verizon communication acquired Yahoo business for $4.48 million taking over all stakes and share holders.

How will Yahoo Customer Service help you?

Forgot your password? 

This is the most common issue faced by all users. So, in that case all you have to do is open your Yahoo account settings and there you have to go on account settings and there you have to select reset your password by giving some answers to following questions and carry on to reset your password. Choose strong passwords that haven’t used yet with any of the account.

Recover your lost and deleted messages? 

Some mail is important to us.  By mistake or by misunderstanding if a mail have been disappeared or get deleted, don’t get disturbed because yahoo mail support provides you with the option of retrieving deleted messages which are deleted in last 7 days. In this case, you all have to do is just go on to your yahoo mail account and submit a request to restore a deleted messages. Sometimes restoration is not always being successful but it takes a while to retrieve your mail. 

Back-upyour all your important emails? 

This is an important feature which all email support service provides. Backing up all your emails or data is best option to recover your email at a time of urgency. So, Back-up of mails will help you in help recover all your mail which is deleted in some cases.

To know further about backing Emails, you can contact Yahoo Customer Service team. The team is full of experienced professionals always ready to solve the Yahoo related issues.

Find your email with smart views? 

Your inbox is sometimes flooded with a lot of unwanted and unread mails and at a time of need important mails get lost in a flood of mails. To avoid merging of all mails, smart views are enabled which are categories as a people, views, financial, shopping etc and many other labels which help you to categories your email as per need.

FAQs related to Yahoo- Yahoo Support



Unwanted or suspicious email in an account?

It is a thing that Yahoo mail support does and that too in the most efficient and effective manner. If you are getting a malicious mail from unknown sources, then you have the option of spam mails so that all mails which are coming from unknown sources can be sent directly to spam list.